About Aussie Woodworks Pty Ltd

We established Aussie Woodworks to fill what we saw as a gap in the market for beautiful, handmade timber products delivered with great customer service at affordable prices. Seeing a need to offer customers insight into their design needs and great customer service before and after the job is finished, led to the inception of Aussie Woodworks. We cater for every project, making a single entry door or a set of doors and windows for a room renovation, to large house lots.
Aussie Woodworks is a family run Australian business, managed by John Brereton. John has extensive woodworking experience, undertaking an apprenticeship in carpentry and then working extensively in the timber trade both in Australia and in the UK. Much of John’s experience includes manufacturing bespoke carpentry items, such as doors and windows, libraries, staircases and furniture items.
We are very proud to be a member of the “Made in Australia” campaign. We do not import ready-made products from overseas. We make everything in our workshop in Queensland.